How Cars are Recycled in Melbourne

car recycling

Car recycling has been critical in the industry nowadays. With over millions of cars reaching the end of their life each year, the value of car recycling increases with urgency so as the call for their responsible disposal.

What Parts Need to Recycle

More than half of your car’s components can be salvaged or recovered with Car Recyclers Melbourne. The mostly recycled parts of a car include tires, windshield glass, batteries, steel and iron, wheels, radiators, transmissions, rubber hoses, carpets, car seats, belts, oil filters, and mats. Around 700 million old tires are generated worldwide every year. Batteries are dismantled to create new ones. Recovered glass from cars is used to create tile flooring, glass beads, porcelain, counter-tops, and jewelry.

How Cars are Dismantled

Our team at Melbourne Car Wreckers will likely assess the reusable parts to be scrapped from your auto, including wheels, hoods, doors, and seats. Mercury switches are removed and cars are drained of fluids as to exercise responsible recycling. We also take an active position in advocating responsible recycling and encouraging proper disposal of metal scraps. We provide an eco-friendly service that will benefit our planet today and in the coming years. Parts that cannot be salvaged or recycled will be disposed of properly-including safe disposal of hazardous oil and auto fluids.

Rest assured, there will be detailed inspection of parts whether to repair and sell or dismantle and recycle.

Where Car Bodies are Disposed Off

Car parts that cannot be salvaged anymore are sent to landfills. Before this happen, the car body is first crushed and shredded to reduce into a golf ball sized metal chunk. Gone are the days of heaps of metals lying in junkyards and waiting to be disposed of in one way or another.

Melbourne Car Dismantlers has been on the business for over 10 years and has a list of clients to back us up. Parts that are recovered and salvaged will be put up in auction for enthusiasts and potential buyers. This way, parts come to you in cheaper yet of quality set.

Why go through the trouble of searching for someone to buy your old car when you can simply call auto wreckers hotline number? Even if your vehicle has come to the end of its life, we will still be interested and will give you a fair quote. Established for over 10 years, our company is widely regarded as one Melbourne’s most modern and professional car wrecking agents and auto parts recyclers.

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